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On the market there are several computer (and book) based USMLE question pools available, where you may purchase several (e.g. 2000) questions. If you pay for these question pools then after you have exhausted the e.g. 2000 questions you may either pass or fail. On the other hand with the USMLEWORKOUT© program with the aid of the (CAQG) system© you will never run out of questions. We don’t recommend you to finish all of the questions before your exam because it is impossible (there are simply too many). We recommend a “workout approach©”. Just like going to the gym. If you go for 1 week then you get a bit fit. If you go for more weeks then you get even fitter and the sky is your limit.

With the USMLEWORKOUT© you are advised to practice the questions with a “focused method©”. Here you can pick one topic and do hundreds of questions from it. When you start getting a high score from this topic e.g. above 85-90% then you can go on to the next topic until you cover all topics. Once you have covered all the topics then you can do random questions from all of the topics (subjects) until you have mastered all of the topics (subjects). You are most likely to ace the exam with this approach, which will make it very likely for you to get into a very good residency program in the speciality of you choice in the U.S.A. And remember the more time you study the more likely you are to pass, because you cannot exhaust the questions because there are simply too many.

We are all aware of the fact that students are usually scared of the calculation questions in the USMLE exams. Students usually just guess and go on and hope for the best. The question pools on the market would often give a lot of questions with calculations in approximately 1 out of 20 of the questions. The student would hence do 19 questions and then get 1 question that needs calculations. Because of the lack of time students often simply guess and go on. At the end of their practice test if they guessed wrong then they would look at the explanation and say “oh so that’s how you do it”. But the problem with this approach is that we all know from our studying mathematics in the past that you cannot learn how to solve a mathematical (calculation) problem unless you practice it. With the USMLEWORKOUT© CalcMaster© you can do just that. Practice and practice solving USMLE type calculation questions until you master them. Giving you an extreme advantage over other students.

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